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Este 24 de Diciembre cumplí cuatro meses aquí en Republica Checa, la verdad no puedo creerlo, siento que llevo como un mes aquí, que a pesar de que e vivido muchísimas cosas que no se podrían meter todas en un mes, el tiempo se me ha pasado volando. Estoy encantada aquí, y todos son súper lindos, le estoy echando muchísimas ganas y gracias a Dios me ha ido muy bien, me la paso súper padre, tengo experiencias de todas y aprendo muchísimo. Aunque siempre un intercambio no lo han pintando de color de rosa o mas bien que es pura fiesta y borlote, no lo es de el todo así. No voy a negar que no me la paso padrisimo, que voy a fiestas y que la verdad si, es muchísimo relajo y es padrísima, pero también hay muchos momentos difíciles y tristes, que son normales por que es tu primera vez estando tan lejos de no solo tu familia pero también de tus amigos, de tus costumbres, cultura, comida y de todo. Estoy convencida de que un intercambio te sirve mas que nada para aprender…. Aprender  y aprender.. 

Exchange is about learning.
It's not as easy as learning whatever is taught in school though.
It's about learning how to listen, how to speak, how to think.
Learning who you are, who your friends are and the type of people you want as friends.
Learning how to trust your innermost feelings, and how to find these feelings in the first place.
Learning what's important to you and what you really don't give a damn about.
Exchange is about learning how to tolerate, how to accept, how to like and how to love.
Learning how to give as you receive and how to trust that everything will even itself out on it's own.
Learning that your mom and dad do have the right answers sometimes, and that your kid sister isn't such a dumb kid anymore.
Learning that sometimes a kiss isn't just a kiss, sometimes it means more, sometimes it means less.
Exchange is about learning how to achieve, how to succeed, how to accomplish.
Learning how to not come in first place and still be proud and how to come in last and admit that you could have done better.
Learning that large parties don't necessarily mean a good time.
Learning that loneliness doesn't go away in a crowd, and that sometimes it's ok to be on your own a Friday or Saturday night.
Learning that your lunchtime crowd doesn't constitute your popularity, and that popularity is all a matter of perspective.
Learning that boredom is simply laziness of the mind, and watching 3 hours of TV isn't quality relaxation time.
Exchange is about learning how to pack a bag and to pack away a room full of way too much stuff.
Learning how to motivate yourself and how to motivate others.
Learning how to swear in all different languages of all the other exchange students.
Learning that people probably like you a whole lot more than they'll ever tell you and that it's your responsibility to make sure your friends know how much you appreciate them.
Learning how to miss people enough to not stick them in the past, and how to not miss them so much that it keeps you from moving into the future.
Exchange is about learning.....
....learning how to live life.

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